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Everyone knows farming is more than a job – it’s a complicated business, with unique exposures to risk.

Farm insurance has many coverage options available under a farm policy package, starting with your home, and expanding to include replacement cost on farm buildings, coverage for your farm machinery including loss of use, and a variety of coverage options for your tools, feed, grain, chemicals, livestock and any other items you may have.

When you choose us as your insurance partner, we’ll help tailor your farm policy to meet your insurance needs in every way!

  • Accent Insurance Services is an agent for several hail insurance companies ensuring that the best hail rate is available to you.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected, your crops are a huge investment. Be sure to protect them this season!
  • Let our friendly staff review and complete an onsite assessment of your farm property to find your best coverage.

A selection of deductibles and farm liability are also available and may be used to tailor your farm policy to meet your insurance needs.

  • Farm Home and Buildings
  • Equipment and Machinery
  • Tools and Miscellaneous Farm Property
  • Livestock
  • Liability
  • Hail
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